Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting


  • Participants should have a basic understanding of financial statements

Designed for

  • All professionals responsible for budget preparation and management reporting

About Course

This programme provides an overview of the essential tools and the skills to build world class standards into your planning, budgeting, performance measurement & reporting system, looking at new and best practice techniques, explain how they complement the traditional financial planning tools, and introducing new concepts for measuring and reporting performance to enhance shareholder wealth creation or provide value for money for Stakeholders. Important elements of this programme include:

  • Making your budgeting process more efficient & effective
  • Understanding how to motivate managers to “buy into” to the budget process in an honest and effective way
  • Using case studies and illustrations from real companies to help delegates understand how to apply different planning, forecasting and analysis techniques
  • How to implement advanced planning and control techniques into your budgeting process
  • Know how to integrate the budgeting process with the development of the company’s long-term strategic vision
  • Know how to provide a decision support structure that provides timely and useful information to decision makers
  • Successfully build an integrated planning, budgeting and reporting process
  • Know how to forecast costs and revenues with greater confidence
  • Apply management tools to the budgeting process that contribute to strategic goals
  • Effectively manage the budgeting process
  • Identify key performance indicators for effective and focused decision making
  • Develop ways to increase profitability and performance through stream lined planning and reporting