Business Etiquette Training Course

Business Etiquette Training Course

Business etiquette has never been more important. Traditional business relationships and communication methods are changing, however etiquette and professionalism are still important when interacting with both internal customers (staff) and with external clients.

About Course

In this course participants will: 

  • Understand what etiquette is and why it’s important
  • Learn how to introduce yourself professionally
  • Understand the “3 C’s” and how to use them to create a good first impression
  • Learn tools to assist and minimise nervousness
  • Use techniques to master name memorisation
  • Know the “4 levels of conversation”
  • Learn to conduct yourself professionally
  • Understand appropriate etiquette for open plan and cubicle environments
  • Know what not to do in a meeting
  • Learn the fundamentals of email etiquette