Effective Human Resources Administrator

Effective Human Resources Administrator

This highly informative new programme presents an opportunity for delegates to update and further develop their understanding of effective HR Administration. Delegates will learn all about the necessary personal attributes, company processes and various support systems employed to successfully perform the role competently.

About Course

The programme explores the full spectrum of Human Resource responsibilities including:-

  • Recruitment interview processes and techniques
  • Being effective in your work on a day to day basis
  • HR’s role in performance appraisals
  • Examining Human Resource Processes
  • Contractual requirements, including international anomalies
  • Discipline and exit interviewing requirements
  • What next for the future of HR provision
  • Describe the work and structure of a modern personnel (HR) department
  • State why accurate and accessible HR records and processes are essential
  • Describe the steps involved in administering a recruitment campaign
  • State the HR requirements for the induction of a new employee
  • Describe the uses of different selection and recruitment tools
  • Help to plan and administer performance appraisals
  • Contractual difference and the reasons behind them.
  • State the benefits of having an HR Strategy and long term HR Plan

Designed for 

  • Managers who wish to experience the see the added value HR can contribute to an organisation
  • Professionals who have an interest in the relationship between Human Resources and improving the performance of people
  • Managers considering a new career or sabbatical in HR and seeking a comprehensive overview of the Administrators role and responsibilities
  • Human Resource consultants who wish to update their knowledge need to attend this informative programme
  • Human Resource Staff or HR Administrators wishing to refresh their knowledge of the role