Executive Secretary Development Program

Executive Secretary Development Program

Executive Secretary holds a key position of influence and a powerful partnership with the senior management team. Success in this role has a direct effect on the success of executive operations. The Senior Secretary who understands the role and pressures of management and even thinks like the team will achieve improved performance, outstanding results and respect from superiors and the executive team.

About Course

You already hold this position because of your current capability therefore this program seeks to supplement your current set of capabilities and competence by:

  • Presenting you with an additional set of competences to add to your skills portfolio
  • By using interactive team and group exercises to practice the skills learned
  • Interaction with fellow students from a variety of different organizations for learning & networking
  • By developing your skills and capabilities for the future
  • By concentration on developing your people and social skills
  • How to communicate better with a wide range of people?
  • How to negotiate with other more effectively
  • How to use a variety of time tools effectively?
  • Improvement in memory skills
  • How to motivate yourself and others How to analyse your performance for future development opportunities