Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Training course provides those currently in leadership positions, or those new to a leadership role, with the insight, awareness and techniques to lead more effectively.  Great leaders set the pace for their team and have an impact on organizational culture and staff morale through their actions.

About Course

In this dynamic, professional development program, you’ll learn crucial skills like

  • Be a leader with a vision, not just a manager
  • Look beyond the common leadership stereotypes
  • Understand and Apply Situational Leadership
  • Influence with passion and empower others to act
  • Increase the performance of your team by setting objectives, expectations and goals
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity so you are always understood
  • Use creative problem solving & decision making methods
  • Improve your influence by developing listening and questioning skills
  • Give feedback to inspire greater performance with engagement and buy in
  • Identify and manage conflict within the team
  • Lead and motivate your team in a changing environment