Professional Skills for Administrators & Secretaries

Professional Skills for Administrators & Secretaries

This practical and highly popular workshop rapidly develops the key skills and knowledge that enables new and developing office professionals to maximize their contribution in the workplace.

The workshop shows you how to plan and organise efficiently, develop confident communication skills and proactively contribute to the successful achievement of the organisation’s goals.

About Course

By the end of this Course / workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Develop the skills and attributes of a first class office professional and make a greater contribution in their workplace
  • Become more confident
  • Become more proactive
  • Communicate more confidently and effectively with your manager, colleagues and other departments
  • Deal with the difficulties and pressures of working in a modern office
  • Prioritise between urgent and important tasks
  • Plan, organise and manage time more effectively
  • Present yourself more confidently and efficiently
  • Write, email and use the phone more professionally and effectively