Rantsane Mario’s Vision

We commit to student success and access, providing excellence in education and skills development, developing a capacity for applied research and innovation, and maintaining a commitment to enhancing our diverse workforce, college community and people.

Rantsane Mario’s Values

Rantsane Mario  aims to provide high quality training that is cost effective and excellent quality service.

We aim to have a good balance of core associates as well as strategic partners. Our clients will range across all industries. We strive to deliver service, which is of high quality, and it is our wish that our clients come back for follow up training. Follow up training will also be encouraged by every facilitator.

We strive to uphold a high standard of quality not only in our education, but also in our review of learners and in our course material and facilities.

Our aim is that our present and future learners will always be satisfied with the services that we provide.

We undertake to improve course material and content continually to maximize the learning experience.

We intend to include face to face as well as technology-based learning in order to keep up with the ever-growing technology industry and have a comprehensive E-Learning Policy that addresses the how we have further incorporated this under our Learner Guidance and Support Policy.



  • Quality service.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Excellence &
  • Accountability.